November 22, 2002

Eric and Dad came down to Ithaca to work on Waste Watcher today and my mom came along to visit. Min came home for lunch and we all headed out to the Nines to get some really good pizza. Eric and Dad were really impressed with how good our pizza is here. We managed to get a lot done today, we were really productive.

Dominica is working on Unlisted Side Effects’ web site but hasn’t gotten very far yet. She takes after Loopy and is super resistant to doing anything that you think is a good idea for her to do. Passive resistance she would say. I mention it here to try to motivate her. We’ve managed to get the first page of the site up already. The can see it at (Unother unfortunate website gone by the time this page was updated in June, 2006.)

Late tonight, while Loopy and I were watching Dumb and Dumber, I finally got the radio station able to both re-encode music at a constant stream rate (so that the quality is roughly always the same – instead of jumping all over the place like it was before) and able to stream Ogg Vorbis files as well as MP3’s. Vorbis is a format that allows for higher quality sound at a lower bitrate than MP3 and it is totally free and legal to use. So we definitely want to use that as our prefferred radio format. Hopefully we will be able to get ourselves listed on IceCast’s server list. Right now, most of the stuff we have was MP3 encoded a long time ago and we when it gets modified to work with the re-encoder, the music gets sped WAY up and sounds really weird. It is pretty weird that it does that. That should be fixed soon, though. I should have the jumping volume fixed tomorrow as well.

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