November 23, 2006

Today was a nice relaxing day. I did some more work on the radio station and it is working much better now, however, there is some problem that it stops playing and I need to work on that. But the sound is much better than it was before. One thing at a time, I guess.

Loopy, Min and I finally sat down and watched the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time. It is pretty long but not nearly as long as everyone claims it to be. This extended version is different than many extended versions in that it really doesn’t have many extra scenes but many scenes are just a little bit longer. I think that overall it has better development but the beginning is a bit overdone with too much back story from The Hobbit. But overall I think that the additional material was excellent and it was integrated into the film really well. It was practically impossible to see where new material had been thrown in.

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