November 24, 2002

Min and I tried a new church this morning. We are looking for a church to go to somewhere around Ithaca. No luck yet, though. The place we went today was nice but not quite what we are looking for. To many churches in town cater to the college transient crowd and we are part of that crowd so we don’t fit in very well.

This evening, Eric and I are heading back to DC. We are leaving at 6pm and should be arriving close to midnight. We are returning on Wednesday night so that we can get up in the morning and make it to all of the Thanksgiving festivities (Reminder – Tahou’s is still on for everyone who knows what I am talking about. Don’t forget.)

For anyone who wants to get ready to listen to the radio station when I finally get it up and running, you should download the really cool Ogg Vorbis player for Windows called Zinf. You can get it for free by downloading it from It is a really cool program. It used to be called FreeAMP but they got sued by Nullsoft and had to change their name. The software isn’t perfect but it is pretty good. I suggest trying it out.

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