November 4, 2002

Today begins Eric and my long week in DC/Maryland. I spent the morning cleaning and packing while Eric ran to Rochester and worked early in the morning. He arrived in Ithaca around 1pm so that we could car pool to DC. Min wasn’t feeling well when she came home for lunch so she took the afternoon off of work. She convinced Eric and Bob to hang around so that we could all play a round of AoE2. We gave it a go, twice, but both times one of the computers crashed out. We have had really good luck, so far, with Age of Empires 2 being really stable but today it just wasn’t meant to be played. Min and I were doing really well too. We really had Eric and Bob on the run during the second game. Hopefully these problems won’t continue. It isn’t fun to put an hour of preperation into a game like that and just before it gets exciting have it crash and die on you.

This was the first time that Min and I tried using our Microsoft Sidewinder GameVoices. They worked really well in the game and they really give you an advantage since you can share information and strategy so quickly without interfering with other parts of the game. It is a lot of fun to play that way too. I can’t wait to try using the GameVoice over the Internet. That will be really cool.

Eric and I arrived in DC pretty late in the evening, about 10pm and headed straight on in to the hospital center. We worked until midnight or so and then headed on out to the house in Annapolis to get some sleep before starting our busy day tomorrow. John and Michelle were up drinking when we got there and we ended up drinking with them until after 4 in the morning.

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