November 3, 2002

Tomorrow, Eric and I are heading down to Maryland. We are going to be spending the entire week there working out of the DC office. It is going to be a really busy week for us.

Dominica and I headed on out to go to church with my parents and then I went and practiced marching with Kelley’s Heroes. Leanne (whom I haven’t seen in two years and was last month’s Llama of the Month) was marching and so we got to visit and catch up. Leanne stopped by at my parent’s house after practice and got to finally meet Min. Then we headed on down to my grandmother’s and then out to dinner in Perry. After dinner, Min and I stopped by at Scott and Leanne’s new house in Perry and got the grand tour. The house is a really nice 1890’s Victorian right in town. They have a lot of space there.

Little Canadian FlagMiranda arrived late this afternoon. She will be staying all week. She and Loopy are planning on watching the first four seasons of As Time Goes By on the projector while she and the projector are still here. Loopy had to cancel his upcoming trip to Hawaii because of the current financial situation. That is really sad.

Dominica and I are planning on giving each other a trip to Las Vegas for Christmas this year. We are thinking about going in January.

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