December 1, 2002

Dominica and I tried a new church today. We went to Tabbernacle Baptist in Ithaca for the 11:00 am service. We really liked it so we tried it again at the evening service at 6:30 pm. We are thinking that we will probably start going there regularly.

While we were out doing some Christmas shopping today, I picked up Volume One of “Are You Being Serverd?” on DVD because Min has never seen it before. Loopy and I were appalled that she had never seen it so we are going to make her start watching it. We ended up watching all six episodes this evening! Min has become a pretty huge British Television fan.

I am hoping to get a Sirius Satellite Radio system for Christmas. It is similar to XM that you have been seeing ads for but it would appear to have a better line-up of channels available on it and that really makes a huge difference. XM has some good stuff but no NPR (National Public Radio) and I listen to that a lot. Surius has NPR-News and NPR-Talk as well as Public Radio International. So, Sirius is the way that I am planning to go. They both have some cool stuff like BBC World Service and Discovery.

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