December 2, 2002

Lots of snow today. Loopy and I worked down at the Lifestyle Properties office this morning. Min didn’t manage to come home for lunch because Loopy and I were so hungry that we ate early and the snow was really bad so she just stayed at work.

I did moved some of the site to the archives pages. Look for any back info there.

Don’t forget, the SGL New Year’s Bash at the SGL House is still on for this year. Same as the last two years. New Year’s Eve, arrived around 7:30. Plan to pass out. Breakfast in the morning. We will be dressing the same as usual – suits and dresses.

Lots of people have been checking out the radio station. We are really excited to have it working. Loopy and I hope to have some cool content for it in the near future. Right now, we are still playing random crap while we test it out and make sure that everything is working.

The roads are really bad today and it took Min half an hour to make it home from where she works over on Triphammer. She sent Loopy and I out to pick up two more DVDs of “Are You Being Served?” – she is totally addicted to them now. We watched one of the disks tonight and have another for tomorrow. I have a total of 514 movies now that I am aware of in the collection. Boy is that a lot of movies. I am sure that there are a few that are still not into the list yet.

Well, the radio station has been up and running for a week of testing now so we are going to announce how to listen here on the site so that you can all log into our SGL radio and take a listen. First of all, you need a streaming radio application like Zinf (Zinf Is Not Freeamp), Sonique, XMMS or Winamp (2.x, version 3 is buggy and does not work yet.) We at SGL recommend the use of Zinf because it is totally free, has good support, has lots of neat skins, works on Windows and Linux and supports streaming song titles which is a really handy feature. So, head on over to and download yourself a copy (maybe pick up some cool skins while you are there too.) After you get Zinf installed, you will have to open the radio stream. Go to Files and enter into the line designated for URL’s. Then Zinf should start buffering and will begin playing shortly.

Currently, SGL Radio is playing about 38 songs in a random rotation. A few of these songs are from Evil Petting Zoo (epz), the rest of the music is from a mix of different artists who have made their music available for redistribution on Ogg Vorbis.

Technical Info for Radio Station: SGL Radio is currently playing from 38 Ogg Vorbis music files being read and randomized through ICES and fed into the IceCast Internet Radio server located at the Llama house and sitting behind a SmoothWall Linux firewall before going onto the Road Runner network and being made available to you. The host machine is a Pentium III 600 with 512MB of PC-133 memory. ICES is compiled with Vorbis and LAME support allowing us to re-encode the Ogg Vorbis files on the fly to 32kbs allowing for adequate sound quality over the Internet. Our streams are low enough bandwidth that they can be heard over most dial-up connections. Our filewall is a Pentium 200MMX.

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