December 12, 2002

This morning was one of those incredibly beautiful winter mornings (yes, yes, I know it is still Autumn) when the ice has fallen the day before just enough to catch the falling snow of the night on all of the tree branches and on the ground making for that high contract wet wood and bright white snow. And on top of that, a heavy fog had rolled in making the distance grey in that mysterious way that can only happen in winter. It was awesome just to be able to look out the windows this morning. And with the house located in the woods the way we are – the view was just incredible. If I had been thinking, I would have run out and gotten some pictures of it but I was having too much fun just watching it all.

I spent a lot of the day working on updating the Waste Watcher program to look a little bit more modern. I got enough done that I think it will have a real impact. Our guys already noticed a difference from the work that I had done yesterday. Loopy and I worked down at the Lifestyle’s office a little bit this afternoon. Loopy has been working on a new web site for them and he wanted to show them what he had so far.

Yes, the New Year’s Party is really on and everyone is invited. I will send out invitations tomorrow (I hope.) And I will get an info page up so that everyone knows the latest details.

The web site will probably be lacking in material over the next week as I am going to be supremely busy. I am traveling four days out of the next ten, have two Christmas parties (the kind that go for two days) and have to work in both Washington and South Carolina. So there is just a lot to do. Don’t be surprised if I fail to keep up with the site. Not that it will be anything new.

Loopy is working tonight on making some Java video games to sell online. He has seen some sites that make a lot of money doing exactly that so he is working on making some of his own.

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