December 11, 2002

Well, for those of you who have been following the site, you will noticed that I have fallen a bit behind recently. I have been really busy, I have to apologize. It is even worse than I thought that it would be because I wrote the Dec. 3 and 4 updates but never got them posted to the site so they are going up now. I will try to fill in the missing days in between tomorrow or Friday.

Bad ice storm today. All of the schools in the area had to close. The guys came home early today. Dominica had Loopy and I drive out to pick her up from work because the roads were so bad. We ended up just grabbing some McDonald’s for dinner since we were out there.

Not much news for today. Just working at home all day. The radio station is still up and running. I even had a chance to listen to it while I was down in Maryland a few days ago and it sounds really good from remote locations. I guess it is time to get some real content to put up there.

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