December 24, 2002: Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve. Min and I are celebrating Christmas at my parent’s today. We started the day by heading up to Rochester with my parents so that my mom could get her chemo and then we ran off to the mall to do a little last minute shopping (good thing that we did because I manage to find a couple of things for Dominica that I had been looking for!) Dad and I also had to stop by the University of Rochester to do a littel bit of work installing a new workstation there because the one that they had been using just died on them and they needed something right away. We made it back home just in time for me to do some last minute wrapping before my relatives came over for Christmas Eve dinner. We ate and hung out for a little while and then we went down to Leicester’s Union Presbyterian because my cousin was singing and playing the trumpet in the service. After the service, we came back to my parents’ to open presents. Dominica got a new watch, SimGolf and a Land’s End “snuggle sack” (which she was REALLY excited about.) I got some new tools (for my in-car Network Tech tool kit), a new Eclipse Computer Workstation light ( is the coolest place to shop for geeks) and some clothes (including dress clothes.) I also got some spending money to get more stuff with. 🙂

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