December 25, 2002: Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Christmas is finally here and Dominica and I are REALLY happy that we decided to drive out to Frankfort last night instead of waiting until today… 30 inches of snow fell this morning and nothing is moving anywhere. We won’t be leaving this neck of the woods for a while. Good thing we brought all of our laundry with us! 🙂

The presents were laid out under the tree with care (sounds like the beginning of a poem.) I have never witnessed anything like it. It sure blew me away. So many presents. I always thought that Christmas was a big deal in my family but it was never anything like this! And so much candy too! It is all more than I can take.

A short recap of some of the Christmas loot (so everyone doesn’t have to ask me later – this is just the big items from today, there is a lot that I haven’t cataloged yet! Min got a Game Boy Advance with Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, Yoshi’s Island, Rayman and Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets. She also got a new Uniden 2.4GHz Dual Handset phone (just like John has) and a new wool blanket with a ton of international flags on it that her mom knit for her that she has wanted for a while. She also got a lot of knitting supplies including some books and a “Needle Master” which is a “pro” set of needles that give her a huge variety so that she can knit almost anything now (although we will see how long it takes for her to make me those fingerless typing gloves…) I got Lord of the Rings RISK (Josh and Bob are going to be SO jealous), a TON of clothes, Smart Mass (again, Thinkgeek), Linux Pilsner glasses and a four person wine and cheese picnic backpack that I have wanted for a long time. We both got WAY more candy than any human can eat (but we are trying.)

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