December 31, 2003

New Year’s Eve 2003. Can you believe another year has gone. And what an eventful year this has been. In fact, I suppose it is time for this year to be over, there has been plenty happening for me. I am ready for a slow year.

I had to get up first thing this morning and head on over to the health services center just down the road to get some blood work done. I have to be tested for all of the regular stuff like diabetes, cholesterol, etc. After getting back from that, I had to head straight out to Batavia to have surgery done on my right foot. I have had a bad plantar’s wart there for well over a year and I have been having it looked at and now we are finally really doing something about it. This morning I am having it cut out finally by my foot doctor. It is the same doctor who operated on my right big toe years ago. The surgery seemed to go okay and my foot was numb for a good bit of the day. There used to be a time when having a pain killer in my system would only last for a short time but it appears that my liver doesn’t process the chemicals nearly as fast as it used to when I was younger. I think my last foot surgery was about seven years ago but it is hard to remember.

I got back to the house a few hours before the party was to begin. Min and Andy were hard at work trying to get the house ready for the party. I helped some but I also had to keep my foot up a bit of the time because it needed to not have pressure on it. There was some cleaning to do and some moving of things into safe locations and lots of food to make. Min made up tons of really good food for the party. She made a veggie tray, a Smore’s station, a really good cheese fondue and meatballs just to mention a few. She did a really good job. It is really unfortunate that she has to go to work tonight. But at least they aren’t making her come into work until after midnight so at least she will get to see a little of the party.

Bob Winans (I mention his name because SGL never comes up on his name searches – ha, ha, Bob, now everyone will be able to find you!) and Lisa arrived early around 6:00 and helped get things ready for the party as well. Bob went and got a bunch of meat products since Min and I don’t have any of our own around here.

The party really got started a little around 7:30. Jen Middleton and Leanne Dodge were the first to arrive (I am mentioning everyone’s full names today so that everyone can do searches on their names and find themselves.) Bob Crissman (Montana Bob) was the next to arrive. Everyone else waited until closer to 9:30 before they started to arrive. So the party was pretty small for a while. Eric and Amanda Millen didn’t make the party because Amanda was feeling pretty sick. Probably from the flu that has been going around recently. Phil Ayers and Kate Ayers (lol, I am getting carried away with this), Nathan Parker and Tammy Englert (Tammy Parker later this year!), Josh Relyea and Joanna Finger and Zach Levi and Susan Spafford all managed to make it so we had a pretty good group. A good group that can all search for themselves on the internet now. Most of them could be found there already but now they can all be found on SGL. Of course, it sometimes takes months before Google goes over us again.

We partied on until 2:00am or so. Then most everyone headed home and the seven of us staying here went off to bed.

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