January 1, 2003: Happy New Year’s

Happy New Year! And welcome to the fourth year of Sheep Guarding Llama! We started in 2000 and here we are in 2003. Whoo-hoo.

As we do every year, we ended last year with a bang in true Llama style with the Llama Rama Luau. We had a good turn out this year and the largest sleep over number that we have ever had. We also had the first people to go from the party to a hotel. Every room in the house had someone sleeping in it and my room had six! Matt performed as he has the last three years and eveyone seemed to have a really good time. The overall level of drunkedness seemed to be a lot lower than usual (nothing will ever top New Years 2000 – wink wink Nate… All in all about 26 people STAYED at the house after the party. It took four car loads to get everyone to breakfast this morning after it was all over. That is definitely a first. We also had a number of Llamas that have never made it down to Ithaca for a Luau before – Eric, Amanda, Phil, Kate and Joanna. Dana made it after having missed last year. We wish that Mary could have made it but no one knows how to get a hold of her (so if she is reading this – email me!)

This morning everyone seemed to be in pretty good shape. Normally there is a high incidence of hang over and exhaustion but I guess, as we get older, we get more reserved and the party doesn’t have the same impace that it used to have. The place wasn’t nearly as trashed as it usually is either. In fact, it looks pretty good already.

I am taking the day to relax, for the most part. Not much happening today so it is a good day to kind of bury my head and hide. Miranda is playing Simpson’s Road Rage on the GameCube because there is a special vehicle that only comes out on New Year’s. I have been playing Max Payne still. I think that that game is a lot of fun. It is so seldom that I go out for that kind of game that it is a really nice diversion. Min is playing Zoo Tycoon on her new monitor in her new snuggle sack. I am putting a little work into the new computer that I have as well. I would like to get that running soon. My main monitor (the 20″ Sampo) appears that it might be dying on me, which sucks. I have never actually had a monitor crap out on me but this one might. I will be turning into Loopy soon! So, I have to be prepared to buy myself a new one. So, if anyone sees a good deal on a 21″ Sony Trinitron Monitor… 🙂

I almost forgot to mention that Natalie helped me bleach my hair on New Year’s Eve so I have very yellow hair now which is quite the departure for me. Everytime I look in the mirror it is a real surprise.

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