December 9, 2002

Monday again. My project today is to completely rearrange the room. We have finally decided that it doesn’t work having Min’s computer on the main desk because she has a tendency to make a mess and even though it isn’t my mess it keeps me from being able to work and causes stress. So, as much as I love my closet office, she is moving her computer into the closet and I am getting the main desk all to myself. Now I have the ability to work at two computers and set up a laptop all within access from a single chair. That makes life a lot easier. It also makes the room a lot quieter since the room is colder than the closet and I no longer have to run my computer with the case open and a fan blowing into it. On top of that the computer is in a much more quiet location now and everything is just so much more peaceful. It will take a few days to get everything sorted out but already the room is really taking a turn for the better. So much junk is being thrown away or stored in a more logical way. It is really doing me a lot of good to have the room so neat. Now I just have to get some office supplies from OfficeMax to really do something with this room. I need some of those InBox / OutBox things to get totally organized. But I am getting there.

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