December 10, 2002

Cleaning and organizing have been the main topics yesterday and today. I took all three of the computers in my room down and moved them around. That was quite the undertaking. Now I am trying to get the last bits of things in the room put away so that all of the desk space is clear. I love clear desktops. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it makes me. And how much more productive! I am getting so much more work done. Dominica is too. She really likes being able to make a mess in her own space and not have me get on her case about it.

Loopy and I both worked contract jobs today and they were entertaining, as usual, out of shear incompetance. First, Loopy’s job was in Rochester. They called him to ask him to work late last night and didn’t feel like sending him the job info until this morning. That would have been fine but they are in Austin, TX in a different time zone and took neither that nor Loopy’s travel time into account and barely managed to get the info to him before he had to leave. Then, it turns out that they had him go up a day early so the site wasn’t ready for him. They didn’t have anyone there to meet him at all and someone had to come in specifically for it. Then it turned out that the site didn’t have the expected network connection or cables and was unable to provide Loopy with anything to do expect take computers out of boxes and set them on the desk. Which he did. And that took three hours because the job was at the airport and scanning in and out took forever. Then my job at Senator Schumer’s office in Binghamton was equally exciting. First, none of the docs matched what I was doing. Second, the entire install was scheduled to take only two hours. But, I needed one single password to be able to finish the installation. I finish in one hour. But had to sit there waiting for someone in Wahington to get me the password – which they never did. I got paid four hours for a one hour job and didn’t even get to finish. Oh well, it wasn’t my money (but it is now.) This is pretty typical for these kinds of jobs.

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