January 13, 2003

Today is the three year anniversary of the Waste Watcher’s first contract. It was Jan. 13, 2000, early in the morning, when Loopy and I got the call from John, who was in Hawaii, telling us that Pittsburgh had decided to use us for their waste tracking solution. We were so excited. Me more than Loopy. He didn’t decide that he was going to work on the project for another month. But today was a big day in Waste Watcher history. It is exciting to see the project last this long. Hopefully, we will have a lot more time to work on it.

I managed to find cheap Internet access in Geneseo that might allow us to move the Waste Watcher system to New York and allow me to do a lot more work from home instead of having to drive to DC to work on the system. Having the system in my home would do a ton to make my life easier. So we are very excited about moving to Geneseo, which is much cheaper than Ithaca, even though none of us were really looking to move back home. Min will even have to live in the town that she went to college in. And I will be living practically within site of my parent’s house. Loopy will be just ten minutes or so from his parents (until they move to some place more interesting.) It will be nice to be back in the Rochester area, though, because we have so many friends back there (not that we don’t have a lot in Ithaca) and we know the area well and things are really cheap (REALLY CHEAP!) Plus, Loopy will be closer to his Miranda (by almost two hours) and Natalie will only be about two hours away.

I got my good computer moved over to its new case which seems to be working a little better than the old one. I think that it is quieter and I think that the processor is a little bit cooler. It is really hard to tell, though. Loopy agrees that it is at least quiet. The new case has two additional fans too!

I am planning on heading to DC tomorrow evening. We have a new KVM switch arriving that I need to get installed. That will allow us to do a bit of expansion there. We are currently limited to four servers running at a time but we already have seven in place and one more planned in the next two months. The KVM switch allows us to use multiple machines on a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. The old KVM only accommodated four devices but the new one will allow us to use sixteen. We don’t plan to use sixteen right away but if we move the operations to New York, we will definitely be expanding to take advantage of those capabilities. For now, however, seven machines in place is enough for me to be dealing with.

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