January 14, 2003

I spent a large portion of the day, today, building and rebuilding computers. I am trying to get some equipment ready to go to DC but no sooner do I get a machine together than it doesn’t work and I have to take things apart and work on another machine. I am getting very frustrated. I want to have at least one machine prepared before I go to DC tomorrow but it just doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

I was originially going to go to DC today but I decided to take a two hour job in the morning tomorrow. I need the money so that works out. I didn’t really need to be in DC tomorrow until late at night anyway so it works out pretty well. Tomorrow will be my twentieth job in the IT field (twenty jobs just in IT – I must have topped thirty total jobs by now!!) I remember when I was in college and someone asked how many jobs I had had and it was something like seventeen (including all of the silly stuff that I used to work during high school.) So, I might be even pushing forty by now. Wow, that is a lot of work. No wonder I feel like I am always working.

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