January 17, 2003

Eric worked out of my office today. We actually got work done too. We didn’t play any video games all day. In fact, I have been working solid since 7:45 this morning and it is 9:13 now. I am just heading downstairs with Min to watch A Fine Romance with Judy Dench in it to take a break from all of the work. Tons of work was done on IthacaPortal today. The site is really coming along, I added tons of new links to it. I can’t believe how many there are now.

I went out to OfficeMax with Eric today and I picked up some ink for my old HP Deskjet printer (I was given a nice DeskJet 722c in 1998 that I have never once used so I decided that I should finally get some use out of it before it turns to dust) and an APC battery back up system for my computer. I figured that with all of the problems that we have with the power around here, it would be smart to have a UPS on my main computer. I really should have gotten three of them because all of my computers need to have one. I already have a large UPS system on the routers, switches and other networking hardware in the basement.

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