January 16, 2003

Well, it took three trips to Best Buy but after trying two SanDisk SD memory cards, I finally have my Zaurus working with a PNY SD card. It is very cool. Now I have a ton of storage for games and applications that I am able to use while the CF slot is busy being my internet connection or my Ogg Vorbis repository. The Zaurus is SO much more useful now. I have downloaded a ton of new software for the Zaurus. I even got cool software that lets me monitor the quality of my wireless signal. It is pretty neat.

People are starting to ask about pictures from the New Year’s Eve party. Well, we just don’t have any. We are waiting for people to get some for us. None of us took any pictures and the digital camera turned out to be all blurry so we are out of luck there as well. So, if you have any pictures from the party, scan them and email them to me!

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