January 27, 2003

Min and I got up this morning and hit the road to get back to New York. There is nothing like getting stranded along the long PA Rt. 81 stretch. Eric knows all about that. We managed to get back to Ithaca just after noon. Min headed on into work. I was glad to be back to New York. I have been away for more than a week and it is nice to be home.

I got Dark Age of Camelot installed on my computer (after taking it apart and getting the sound card working again.) It took me a while to figure out how the game worked but the game is looking pretty interesting and the graphics are pretty good. In fact, the game needs a really screaming computer just to be able to run well. I will keep everyone informed as to how it is once I get into it a little bit more.

Loopy, Min and I went to dinner at the State St. Diner and then we went and got some new movies and books on CD. We got Spirit and Goldmember. On Audio CD we got the last two Sue Grafton novels (“P” and “Q”) – I still have not managed to track down “N”. I also got Scott Adams latest Dilbert business book “The Way of the Weasel.”

After we got back to the house, Loopy got back to work on the video games and job hunting that he has been doing and Min and I got back to watching the britcom “A Fine Romance” that we have been working on. We are most of the way through the first season.

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