January 28, 2003

My first real day working at home again. Yesterday was a short day and I needed to relax a bit. Eric and I are really pushing to get the Waste Watcher working at 100% in DC so that is taking up most of our time and dad is working on some things that just aren’t working so that is happening too.

I have lots of little things to get done this week. One is to get the Linux/Apache web server that I have been working on installed and ready to head down to DC. Now that the KVM is in place and wires are ready, we are ready to start installing some cool new stuff and I am really excited. I really enjoy working with Linux and I can’t wait to get more Unix equipment installed. More fun for me! SGL will be hosted on the new Linux server as soon as it is in place. In fact, there are some exciting changes coming as soon as it moves over too. I have a plan to manage the site more efficiently allowing for faster changes keeping all of the seperate pages similar.

Min and I watched the Bourne Identity on DVD this evening. I saw it in the theatre but she hadn’t seen it before. I think that it is one of the best action films done in the last year or so. It is in DTS too and it really rocked on the surround sound system.

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