January 31, 2003

Opera has finally released version 7 for Windows so everyone should go to our links page and download it. I noticed that they even have a sale going on right now so that you can get Opera at half price which makes it pretty cheap. Not bad – especially for those of you who are still using dial-up. Opera will really speed up a dial-up connection.

Ok, enough of shameless plugs. SGL Radio is running again after a few weeks of silence. We had those terrible power outages right after the first of the year and we never restarted the station since then for fear of having to constantly restart it over and over again. My main machine has a new battery backup system on it that will help quite a bit and the power seems to have improved overall. The station can be heard by clicking the station button on the left. If that doesn’t work, open up a copy of Zinf, Winamp, Sonique or other Ogg Vorbis streaming radio player and tune into – we are live and rockin’. I will try to keep the button at left updated with the correct address in case it changes. There still isn’t much good on the station but it would be cool if people started tuning in and letting me know how it was working. I have heard rumors that a new version of Icecast (the radio software that we use) is in the works and may be coming in the near future.

Bob has been home sick from work all week. I am not even sure that his car has left the driveway yet this week. Josh and Joanna are coming up to visit this evening so I need to do a little cleaning – this place is a bit of a mess. Lots of boxes and I think that a sweater exploded in here. They are just staying until tomorrow. Josh’s computer isn’t working so well so we are going to have a look at it and see what we can do.

I had a bunch of CDs sitting around my room so I decided that I had better get the ones that aren’t converted to Ogg Vorbis already converted and then to get them all down to the basement with the rest of the CDs. The latest update of my CD database says that there are 924 CDs in the collection. That is a bit more than I thought that there were. Boy that is a lot of music. And last time that I did a search, I found some 30 CDs that I didn’t even know that I had. So there are bound to be a couple surprises in there still as well. I am hoping to have my online movie database up soon so that I can really keep track of those. They are really hard to keep track of because I also track their usage and they get used a lot.

Josh and Joanna arrived around 6:30 and we all went out for an awesome dinner at Turback’s just south of Ithaca. We had a really great time there. That is a wonderful restaurant and I think that everyone should get out and try it. After dinner we went out to Madelleine’s on the Commons for dessert, coffee and drinks. We got back around midnight and Josh and I worked on his computer (that has been crashing for a while) until 3:30am. But we think that we got it fixed finally so that is good. Maybe now he can play games on it again.

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