January 30, 2003

This morning I got up and travelled to Rochester. Eric and I are attempting to get our webcam set up there for a show in Harlem. Unfortunately, the webcam is junk and didn’t end up working at all. Luckily, there is a back up cam in Washington that was used instead. I haven’t heard how the show went yet, though. So maybe it didn’t matter anyway.

Eric and I did lunch at Jay’s like we often do and then we test drove the new 2003 Mazda 6! What a nice car. We both really liked it. It was fully loaded – with the plastic still on the seats. It has almost a hundred hourse more than the PR5 that I am driving now so it really roared. I am thinking about trading in my PR5 on one when the next model year comes out. The 3.0 litre engine that they have in the 6 is a brand new engine and I might consider buying a car in its first model year but only if it has a tried and true engine. In this case, I will just have to curb my appetite for new cars and wait it out.

The other day, I picked up some new books on CD and today I listened to Scott Adam’s “Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel.” I am on the final disc already and should complete the book in the very near future. Eric and I stopped by Borders today and I managed to finally find the final Sue Grafton Alphabet Murder novel that I have been looking for for so long. “N is for Noose” is finally mine. I have three left to listen to before I am totally caught up with Ms. Grafton and I will have to patiently wait out her writing of the nine final books. Luckily, I have sixteen hours of her material to listen to before I have nothing left. Eric bought his first programming book today so we will see if we are able to make a programmer out of him. He got a book on PHP so maybe he will be designing really cool web applications in no time!

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