January 4, 2003

The world was a winter wonderland this morning. Almost two feet of snow fell during the night and we are totally blanketed in snow. The trees are heavy laden with all of the accumulation that occurred last night. We still had no power this morning and we spent most of the day in a rapidly cooling house. Luckily, Bob discovered that the fireplace was still working even with the power out and that provided a little bit of heat (but not very much.) The whole house was only about an average of 57 degrees which is pretty cold (for our Canadian friends who aren’t familiar with what is and isn’t cold.)

Speaking of Canadians, they are obviously still here today and staying at least until tomorrow. The whole gang went out for lunch today at Ichabod’s down on South Meadow street and then we took Ryan to the bus station so that he could head back home to New York. Shortly after that, Nate headed off to Perry to get to someplace that has power. The rest of us went to the mall (except for Natalie who took a nap.) We did a little shopping and Natalie called to say that the power had turned back on.

We all came back home and tested out our computers. Luckily there was no damage and everything appears to be working just fine. We aren’t totally sure if the refrigerator has recovered yet or not but nothing else in the house appears to be having any sort of problems. We spent the evening playing a few hours of Quake III (Miranda and Dominica are getting really good at it.) After four player Quake, we moved on to a game of Taboo again.

The Canadians are leaving tomorrow afternoon and heading back to the frozen north (this would be the frozen south.)

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