January 3, 2003

Before we find ourselves too far into the month, right away we will announce that our…


Matt wins our seventh LoTM title for a number of reasons. 1) He has done much to promote the overall readership of our site. 2) He has performed for the last three years at our year end Llama Rama Luau. 3) He first suggested the Llama of the Month competition (although its name has changed since then.)

Last night, Loopy and I convinced Miranda to play a few rounds of Quake III. This is the first that we have really tried playing Quake III after we had had so much fun with Quake II two years ago. A year and a half ago, I played Quake III all the way through on my own and Loopy did more recently but we have never played it against each other. Loopy and I both feel that it is an improvement. Miranda picked it up really quickly too and was kicking butt after just a couple of minutes. Bob played a few rounds and Natalie even played for a couple of minutes and picked it up really quickly too. Canadians must have a knack for running around and shooting people (who knew?)

I got myself up really early this morning. I have been up and running since 4:50 am. I feel like Eric! It is going to be a busy day so I wanted to get started early. There is a blizzard warning in effect for our entire travel area today so I don’t know what the plan is going to be. The trip is about five hours in good weather so it is going to be rough. And that is just Loopy and my trip. The girls have to drive to North Bay and there is heavy snow (or so it looks like from the satellite) all the way up the lakes.

The weather ended up being too bad to travel so we stayed in Ithaca. I had to drive out and pick Dominica up from work because the roads were so bad. I ended up leaving my car at Advion and driving Min’s car home instead. Around eleven in the evening, we had a massive brown out. The power stayed on for two or three hours at least with our lights slowly dimming throughout the evening. Bob, Loop, Min and I panicked and ran around the house unplugging all of the computer and stereo equipment. We were really worried about damage due to the extended period of poor power. All of our computers had been on when the brown out happened.

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