February 11, 2003: Working in Schenectady

Our first full day in Schenectady. Last night the thermostat started shorting out in the room so that really helped make us uncomfortable staying there. But the final straw was the fact that our telephone line was so bad that we were unable to get online but had to pay $1 for the phone calls anyway. So we packed early in the morning and took off for work. We arrived at work on time and started the day by loading the truck with all of the computers that we were going to need during the day. We drove from Nyskayuna where we start in the morning out to Rotterdam Junction around 10am. We spent the rest of the day out there.

The day went really smoothly. We are really enjoying the job here. The people are really friendly and the work is very low stress. We get to hang out with a lot of really nice people. The work isn’t exciting in any way but it isn’t going to last all that long either. For lunch we took off and tried to find some fast food. We ended up driving out to Amsterdam before we were able to find anything at all. So we won’t be trying to do that again.

After work we went out looking for hotels again. We heard that we could get into the Days Inn for the same price that we had at the Econolodge so we headed there. We looked at the rooms and decided to give it a try. Of course, our first room had no working heat so we had to change rooms before we could stay. We had discovered that we were going to be working in the plant for the next couple of weeks and we don’t really have any clothes that we can ruin with us so Loopy and I went out to Walmart to find some cheap clothes. There is a Super Walmart just 2 miles away from the hotel (there is also a Friendlys diagonally across the street and a Stewarts right across the street.) We picked up some cheap jeans and shirts and we even managed to get two pairs of matching Sponge Bob Square Pants pajamas! We also picked up some water and Hawain Punch so that we would have something in our room to drink.

John and I ran out to Prima Pizza again to get another pizza. We just couldn’t resist after last evenings dinner was so delicious. We got a large pizza and headed back to the hotel to share it with Loopy.

Last night, Loopy and I eneded up staying up until 1:30 in the morning talking about file systems. So I am very tired today. I was hoping to get some sleep when we got back from work but between shopping at Walmart and going out for dinner I didn’t get a chance to. The Days Inn does have an phone lines that our allowing us to get online (with AOL at less than 28.8!)

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