February 12, 2003

Day Three in Schenectady. I am very tired again today. We got up a little bit late this morning and had to rush to make it to work on time. But, Kevin, who is supervising us, had a meeting this morning so we managed to get the truck loaded and still have to wait for him so we just went to the company cafeteria and got ourselves some breakfast. Around 10am, we headed over to Rotterdam to work again. Today we heard about a great little Italian place nearby where we could get some lunch. So, we headed over to Anthony’s and had an amazing lunch. We ended up talking to the owners for a long time and I am expected to be doing a little bit of work for them in the next couple of weeks since I am in town already and don’t have a lot else to do.

Work went well today and we managed to get out pretty early. After work we headed home and watched “Who’s Harry Crumb” and then we went out to Friendlys from dinner. We went to bed really early (around 10pm) shortly after that.

Jennifer Middleton emailed me a pic from the Kelley’s Heroes trip to Toronto in November. From left to right it is, Josh, Leanne, Jennifer, me and Jamie. I hope that I am able to buy a scanner soon. Since this job is paying me in about two weeks, I might be able to get one then. I am thinking about getting one of the new tiny HP scanners that is only $50 and is designed to scan 5×7 photos. It isn’t as useful as a larger scanner would be but it is smaller and would fit on my desk better and it is very inexpensive. So I am thinking that that might be the way to go.

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