February 17, 2003

Happy President’s Day. Today we were hit with a terrible blizzard that has already buried Maryland in snow. Viriginia reported as much as 40″ in places. We got it pretty bad here too but nearly as bad as south of here. Loopy, John and I called in to work and told them that we couldn’t make it out for work tomorrow because the snow was just too bad to drive that far in. We are lucky that the team from New York City also decided that the weather was too bad to go to work so we didn’t loose any work by not going in. So, that definitely worked out in our favor.

I spent the day working on finally getting that Linux terminal server up and running. It is running now and it works really well. It is really neat to be able to go to any computer in the house and just pop in a floppy disk, restart the computer and suddenly be sitting at the screen of my computer from my room. It works great. I can’t wait to get around to implementing this at the office in DC. I think that this will really make managing that site a lot easier.

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