February 18, 2003

Today is my extra day, meaning I was supposed to be working in Rotterdam today but I got a reprieve because of the blizzard. I have to go to bed early, though, because we are going to Rotterdam first thing in the morning tomorrow and I am already really tired. I stayed up late last night trying to make myself be tired so that I would go to bed early tonight. I did some additional work on the terminal server today trying to tweak it some more. I really like this project, it is a lot of fun.

Dominica is feeling quite a bit better today. She is still off of her feet most of the time but she is a bit more independant then she has been and she seems to be in much better spirits. She did have to make a trip to her doctor’s, though, and the car ride was quite rough for her. She isn’t able to get into or out of the car easily and traveling is the worst. So she probably would have been even better had she not had to go out there. She did get prescriptions for some new medicines to try.

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