February 2, 2003


Min wins our ninth LotM competition because she has done so much to stear new Ithacans to IthacaPortal.com which has managed to garner 65 web page requests a day – which still isn’t a lot but it is a start. The site is really starting to mature and with the new server going online very, very soon there will be many new enhancements coming down the line in the near future – much like there will be for SGL.

The work week starts again. Well, it is another month and time to look at the web site statistics for all of our web sites (Niagara Telecom and Ithaca Portal have twenty managed web sites that we host.) The statistics for SGL show huge growth for the month of January – even with the dailies being posted so late for much of the month, we managed to grow from an average of 65 pages served per day to 75 pages served per day! That is a 15% increase in just one month. We are also serving out, on average, an additional .7 MB more each day. Total, SGL uploads close to .2 GB every month. That is a lot of Scott Ramblings!

I attempted to return that movie to Borders this evening. That was an adventure. I started by going to the check out counter but no one was there. So I went to the Service desk and the guy that was there just left without so much as looking at me or acknowledging my existance in any way. Then I went and got into the other line at the service desk and when the person got done showing someone around the store she informed me that I had to take the movie to the counter to get it returned. So she sent me to the other counter (the one by the entrance that was closing instead of the one that was staying open – silly me) and the person working there informed me that I could only exchange the movie for a copy of the same movie – which of course the store didn’t have and in fact had -1 one of (of course – the person BEFORE me had bought the last copy.) Then he told me that only the service desk could order the replacement. So I returned to service where they gave me a hard time about coming back and why didn’t the front desk take care of it and then finally decided to order me the movie. Now, I have to take the one that doesn’t work home and hang on to it for 2 – 6 weeks until the other one comes in and I can go and exchange it. All of this is, of course, illegal since they sold me a defective piece of merchandise and refused to do anything about it. This is the second time that I have had a really bad customer service issue at Borders. You would think that I would have learned my lesson from the last time that I went to the one in Eastgate in Victor but no, I kept going back. I guess I will definitely not be buying DVDs there anymore, though. I don’t get a discount on them so they are super expensive and if they are defective – I’m just screwed. Amazon would have been able to get me the original disc in a day for the same price I got it at Borders or less and I could have returned it and gotten my money back the same day. Not six weeks later. Lesson learned. If I get burned by Borders a third time, we will know who the idiot is. All because I am lazy and want a movie the same day and don’t want to have to wait for it to ship to me.

Dominica is still playing Kingdom Hearts. She has put in about eight hours on that game. She rushed home from work to be able to play it. She says that on average it takes 40-50 hours of playing to be able to complete the game. She should have it done in a week or two. We are talking about getting some excercise equipment (who us – we don’t need that) and setting up a TV and some video games so that we can play and excercise at the same time. Loopy has a Game Cube and a few games and we have a Playstation and a Nintendo 64. We might have to come up with something else to make it really interesting (no, don’t even talk to me about the XBox!) We might buy a new monitor for my main computer and move my 20″ monitor to the excercise room to use instead of a television and then be able to play computer games on it (which are generally much more exciting anyway.)

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