February 4, 2003

I did a little work on the site last night so there are some more pages that are now validated and looking a little smoother. I can’t wait until the new server is in and we can have all of this stuff totally automated. That will make my life so much easier!

So yesterday I decided that I was finally going to hook up the HP Deskjet 722 printer that I have had for years and years and have never used. Two weeks ago I went out and bought some ink for it. Today I set it up and then I realized that I had to idea where I have a printer cable or the power supply for it. So now it is sitting on my desk staring at me mockingly.

I spent some time shopping around on Amazon last night (after the whole Borders affair…) and am beginning to realize that I own SO many books that it is actually hard to find things that I really want that I don’t already have. There is a lot of stuff that I don’t have, but most of the stuff that I should own, I already do. Which is good – but I like to buy books. Amazon’s DVD suggestion system insists that I need to buy Amelie. I will probably buy it soon. Everyone says that it is really, really good. As Time Goes By Series 5 is out next week and Red Dwarf releases later this month (on my birthday – hint hint.) And don’t forget that My Big Fat Greek Wedding is out a week from today too! Lots of awesome stuff. February is a great month for DVDs.

Dominica was very excited when she discovered that she was the Llama of the Month. She has the site set as her default web page on her web browser at work. Min came home for lunch today but made me drive her back because she thought that the roads would be bad later. Loopy had to run some errands this afternoon so he went out and picked her up from work. Miranda managed to call moments after he drove away. Timing is everything.

The wind is ridiculous here today. It is so loud that it is hard to get anything done. It isn’t too cold though. At least the temps are warmer than they have been. The blinds have been blowing wildly around my room all day. It was hard to sleep last night, I kept waking up from all of the noise.

I am still working hard on getting the new web server ready to go to DC. I have learned tons about Apache2 and PHP and today I am learning how to update and install OpenSSL so that we can run encryption on the web server. I am learning new tasks on the new machine one at a time. The new server should be able to compress HTML files on the fly which will help to speed up downloads, especially for those who are looking at the pages over dial-up. Compressing the files so that they are smaller will really help with pages like SGL that are just loaded with text.

Min spent the evening playing Kingdom Hearts and I spent most of the night playing Dark Age of Camelot and getting SSL installed on my new server (SSL is up and working now. I am learning lots.) I also spent a lot of time surfing and looking at new technologies. Nate came home early from school because he wasn’t feeling well and spent most of the evening sleeping. Bob and Zach played racketball and Loopy continued to work on his game which is really coming along well. He has gotten tons done on it and it should be playable very soon.

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