February 22, 2003

I put in some time adding new pages to our Funnies section. I have heard good things about how many people really enjoy reading that section so I thought that I would dedicate a little time this weekend to beefing it up a little bit. I am thinking about doing something to add a “Funny Pictures” section because Loopy and I used to find some of the funniest stuff ever – now if I can only track it all down again.

Loopy is attempting to reinstall his computer with Windows 2000 Pro and SuSE Linux 8.1. This is his first time dual booting his new machine. Linux has not had support for the RAID array on that computer until recently so we will see how well it works. That has been a stumbling block that hopefully will be overcome. He is excited to be able to have a nice Linux machine to use again. I am trying to order a copy of Windows XP Pro for myself. I plan on reinstalling my computer with XP Pro and 8.1 next weekend. As usual, the installation did not go smoothly. It never does.

While we were away last week, I discovered that my Compaq laptop that was supposed to be so fast is running at half the speed that it is supposed to run at. I need to contact Compaq support.

Min and I watched Iron Monkey tonight. We were planning on watching Iron Monkey 2 as well but Loopy’s computer dies on him so I went upstairs to help out with that.

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