February 23, 2003

My last day at home before heading back to Schenectady again. We are getting used to the routine but it is a long week again. The three day last week was really nice and I really appreciated only having to spend two nights in the hotel. Now that we know where everything is located up there and are able to get around pretty easily it isn’t nearly as bad as it was the first couple of nights when finding food was practically impossible.

Not a lot happening today. Trying to relax some before going to Schenectady tomorrow. Min and I watched a couple of movies before I had to get to bed. We tried watching Iron Monkey 2 but it was horrible compared to the first one so we gave up on it and watched Hanging Up instead. Loopy spent the entire weekend trying to get Windows 2000 and SuSE Linux 8.1 intalled on his computer. He finally got it working just before he had to go to bed. At least it will be working when we get back.

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