February 27, 2003

We started work back at Rotterdam Junction this morning and by 1pm, we had finished the site. This was our last time to Rotterdam where we have been working for the last three weeks. We will miss it (however we will not miss the biting cold that we have had to work in.) After lunch we headed over to Nyskayuna and did some cleaning of all of the trash that has been generated by the unpacking of hundreds of computers over the last few weeks. Tomorrow is going to be a really boring day as we really don’t have anything to do when we are at work. There are just too many of us and we are all in each other’s way.

Very boring evening. The three of us headed straight back to the hotel room and did pretty much nothing. It is our last night here. John ordered in a pizza and we just ate a little here. We watched a little television and I talked on the phone a little and that was about the whole evening. No attempt to get the DVD to work tonight, it just isn’t worth it.

Dominica went to see the doctor again today (the bone specialist) but he didn’t have much of anything to tell her. Maybe he will be able to tell her something useful when he gets around to actually looking at the tests that he had done in two weeks when she will see him again.

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