February 26, 2003

Another fun day setting up computers. Eric did some work today too in Syracuse. But his went really shitty. John and Andy got cut from our project today. They will still be working until Friday but only I will be returning on next Monday. So I will be living in the Days Inn all by myself for an entire week or more. I am happy to, though, because I really need the money – but it will be really expensive paying for a hotel with me being the only one in it. I don’t want to but I have to.

We went and bought a universal remote to try to get the television to accept the DVD input today but that didn’t work either. So, we are just going to give up and I will bring an RF converter with me next week while I am here and I will watch all kinds of movies while I am all by myself. John and I also made a run to CompUSA this evening because he needed some stuff from there. I have looked and CompUSA does have a scanner that I would like so I might splurge after doing this project and get it for myself. It is pretty expensive but it has the options that I really want and I will be able to get a ton of pics put up onto the site that have needed to go up for a while. Being without a scanner for the last few months has been a pretty big pain.

Min was back to work today. Her first day. They waiting on a computer sale that they were having and she managed to get me an old 1988 Hewlett-Packard UNIX laptop with built in printer. Now, for most people a 1988 laptop wouldn’t be very exciting. But for me, it is a really good opportunity to get a little HP-UX experience. Anything for the old resume, you know. I don’t know much about the machine but I am sure that I will manage to get a little use out of it and when I am done with that, it will be a neat addition to my collection of weird machines. Min is going to the doctor’s tomorrow to have her bone scan read. So maybe she will have more info then.

Other than that, there just really isn’t much news today. Maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow. Tomorrow night, the three of us our going to do some work with Anthony’s restaurant.

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