March 13, 2003

I got up nice and early this morning because part of our network in DC went offline and I had to help troubleshoot that. It was a good morning to have to do it, though, since I had woked up at 5:30 and had been lying awake for quite a while. By 7:30, we had the problem in DC fixed. It was nice to have something get me up in the morning, though. Kind of handy. Now I am up and moving already.

Today is my one day without something big on the calendar. Tomorrow is my interview with Axiohm, here in Ithaca. I will most likely be involved with that all morning – maybe into the afternoon.

For all you SuSE Linux users out there, SuSE has announced the latest version of their product, 8.2, will be made available on April 14. I doubt that 8.2 will be a huge change from their already awesome 8.1 product, but a few new features have been announced (the big one being remote desktop sharing to compete with Microsoft Windows XP desktop sharing) and updates to lots of packages will be included of course. I am excited, I can’t wait to upgrade to the latest version. It is like Christmas almost.

Loopy is working down at Lifestyle Properties today, supposedly. He has been trying to work with them for almost a month now and they just keep cancelling and rescheduling on him. What a pain that has become.

Well, I spent most of the day attempting to beef up my resume for the big interview tomorrow. I managed to pass four new Brainbench Certifications (and managed to not pass one as well) and additionally received a fifth certification for all of the work that I did. So, it was a long and exhausting day but at least I managed to make something out of it. If I am lucky, maybe I will be able to work in some more preparation early in the morning. I am going to bed really early tonight because I am exhausted from all of this testing and I want to be fresh for the interview. I am meeting at 8:30am and will be interviewing all morning.

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