March 14, 2003

I got up at 5:30 this morning and got moving right away because I wanted to be ready for the interview that I am having this morning. I have put more effort into this interview than I ever have before (they probably won’t be interested in me in the least now, ha ha.) I spent all day yesterday cramming to beef up my resume to get ready for today. I took five exams on Brainbench and managed to pull off new certifications in Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Administration, Cisco Network Support, Network Monitoring, Web Server Administration and Apache Administration. And, some of these fulfilled additional requirements and I got one of the new, and much harder to obtain, BCIP (Brainbench Certified Internet Professional) certs as well. That makes two.

Mozilla 1.3 Final released yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to get it yet and I won’t install in until after I go to Windows XP but I thought that I should let you all know that it is out there now. So go get it and try it out. In addition, Opera has just released Opera 7.03 so there are all kinds of new web browsers to get out there and give a try. If you are going to purchase Opera, be sure to do so from our Links page because we receive funding from them to help support Sheep Guarding Llama.

My interview is this morning at 8:30 down at Wegmans. I have a second interview at 9:00 and a third at 10:00. Busy morning. I am meeting with the Director of MIS and then a senior DBA.

I think that the meeting went well; although it is hard to say. They were hoping to be able to contact me today to let me know one way or the other but that didn’t end up happening. So I ended up sitting by the phone for much of the day to no avail.

Craig and Emily (that is Craig Lizar and Emily Lizar – now Google will search their names, ha) stopped by around 3:00 and surprised us all. Luckily, everyone was home (except Min who actually had to go to work today) so we all got to hang out. That was really cool. We decided to go out to dinner at Maxie’s and get some hot Cajun food. So Craig, Emily, Min, Me and Bob all headed out there and had a really good dinner and a few drinks. Then we came back to the house and Bob watched the ‘Cuse – UConn game while Min and Emily talked and Craig and I shared two bottles of Keuka Overlook wine.

We got approved for the purchase of a new Dell PowerEdge server to go into our Washington, DC facility so I get to deal with purchasing that this week. I am excited, we have not ordered a completely new server since January, 2000. We did purchase the IBM Netfinity system in 2001 but it was a clearance item (best investment ever) and was still a long time ago. It was a screaming fast machine with a Pentium III 667. The new Dell will be a Pentium IV 2.4 GHz. So, the difference should be rather noticeable.

Tomorrow morning, Min and I are driving down to Corning to meet up with Eric and Amanda because we are going to go to the Corning Museum of Glass. I haven’t been there since I was really young and they have done a lot to really get the place modernized, I hear, so I am pretty excited. Nate is performing with the Cayuga Vocal Ensemble at the Statler Hotel tomorrow evening for anyone who is interested.

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