March 17, 2003

I finally got a copy of PNGCrush today and gave it a try on some of the images on the site. We should notice a little bit faster load times now as many of the images used on SGL have been reduced by 5% – 35%. That should do a lot for download times, especially for the dial-up users, as usual. We are slowly pushing the content of this site to the absolute maximum in performance and compliance ever! Maybe people come to look at this site to see how well we make everything work. No, I didn’t think so.

I worked around the house in the morning and then had a lunch meeting with Steve and Pat Lucente at noon. The meeting went really well and we are supposed to be getting back together on Wednesday.

Min made me buy Father Ted Series II on DVD. Series 2 is even better than series one (and twice as long.) We watched the first of the two disks this evening.

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