March 16, 2003

Min decided that she wanted to get out and do something fun in the great weather we are having so we called Josh and Joanna to see if they wanted to hit the Seneca Lake wineries today. Turns out that Joanna was already in Dresden so Josh had to drive down seperately to meet us down that way. This will be the first time for Min and I on the west side of Seneca Lake. There are a ton of wineries over there that I want to hit so this is really exciting.

Min and I had lunch at Wendy’s for a quick lunch and then went to Wegman’s to stock up on picnic supplies like goat and sheep cheeses, a baguette, olive oil, mozarrella cheese, tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. We packed up the wine and cheese picnic kit and headed west to Watkins Glen.

We went north on Route 14 and started our tour at Lakewood on Seneca Lake West. I have had some of their wines before but their entire collection was excellent. I think that Lakewood is one of our favorite wineries now. We bought almost a full case of wine while we were there including some amazing port and ice wines.

After Lakewood, we headed north to Glenora where we met up with Josh and Joanna. Joanna grew up in Dresden, just minutes away from there so this was her old stomping ground. Glenora was really good too and we bought more wine there. They have a really large selection there.

Our next stop to the north was the Anthony Road Winery which has done very well for itself in the past year. So well, in fact, that more than half of their entire line of wines had sold out and wasn’t available. So we had very little to try there. It made for a quick stop. Josh and I each bought two bottle there.

Our last stop of the day was Fox Run a little farther north on the lake. Fox Run had a nice cafe where we got a little bite to eat before we drank anymore. Then we tried the wines. We were not very impressed. The people there were really nice but the wines left a lot to be desired. They were okay but nothing special at all. We bought a little bit because we felt bad. They let us use their picnic tables to have our dinner.

The wine, cheese and bread was wonderful. I am so glad that we went out for the day and had a picnic. The weather was so beautiful and the drive was great.

After a day driving through the Finger Lakes, we decided to just head home and relax. Min and I got back to Ithaca around 7:30.

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