March 20, 2003

Happy 25th Birthday Amanda!

Loopy is still in far away Canada (hopefully he hasn’t been lynched since Canada is defying the motherland and siding with the cheese eating surrender monkeys who sold weapons to Iraq and try to act all peaceful!) We have no idea when we will be returning; I have talked to him via email earlier in the week but that was the last that I had heard from him.

Tammy and Tess came down today to visit with Nate (tomorrow is his birthday.) Dominica decided that she wanted to watch The Little Mermaid II (no, it isn’t mine.) So she watched that while I started working on installing Windows XP Pro and SuSE 8.1 Pro on my main computer. Hopefully it will end up going a bit more smoothly than it did when Loopy tried to do it.

So the “war” on Iraq has finally started. That is good, the process has been dragging out for forever. It is good to see something decisive finally happening.

The February postings have been moved to the archives so look for back days there.

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