March 21, 2006: Happy Birthday Nate

Happy 27th Birthday Nate!

It is just that birthday time of year. For those of you who know what has been going on – the big news is that my mom is off of chemo and doesn’t have to see a doctor again for a little while. So that means that she is doing pretty well.

I spent a lot of time yesterday and today just following the news as everything has been unfolding. I tend to really enjoy watching news on war. It is very interesting, I guess. I have discovered CNN Radio which is available from and they seam to have a pretty decent show. I watched a little NBC on television yesterday and it is really surprising just how much CNN has surpassed NBC in its ability to create a cohesive program. NBC had so many technical problems and glitches and the whole setup with Tom Brokaw sitting two inches from the camera is just really cheesy. It’s like they never made a television show before and were just learning the ropes. It was very amateur.

Min’s books for college arrived today. She has been impatiently waiting for them for weeks now. She is going to be taking classes over the summer to prepare for nursing school. She is planning on attending the University of Rochester’s Excellerated Nursing Program next year.

I finally managed to get Windows XP Pro and SuSE 8.1 Pro installed on my main computer. What a relief that is. Loopy will be happy to hear that it actually went really smoothly with only the most minor of problems. I have SuSE Linux running off of my Promise RAID controller to give it the maximum in performance and disk space. Both SuSE and XP are running wonderfully now and I even have all of the updates taken care of and almost all of the software that I use on a regular basis has been reinstalled. It is nice to do a complete reinstall from time to time as it gives me a chance to clear out all of the old crap that accumulates over time and make sure that I am using the most recent copies of all of the different pieces of software.

The weather is beautiful again today. Susan is up visiting and she rode along when I went out to pick Min up for lunch. Min and I just got some food from Wendy’s at the mall and Susan went shopping at Tops. This is the first day that it really feels like spring is here (ok, I think today is actually the first day of spring as well…) But the other day when it was this warm, it just had a different sort of feeling in the air. Now it really feels like the cold weather is behind us for a while. I hope so, I like the cold but this year was pretty extreme.

After looking more carefully at my Linux install, I realized that there was a problem with the way that the hard drive was set up so I am trying to get that fixed. It will most likely end up being a major undertaking. Loopy will be happy that at least something went wrong with it.

Today is a full week after Axiohm said that they would let me know about the position that I interviewed for there and they still haven’t let me know whether or not I have gotten the position. My first impression was that the company really had things together but that impression is fading rapidly. I will be actively searching for other work come Monday morning. I have little faith in their hiring process at this point.

After work, Min and I headed down to Barnes and Nobles and picked up Father Ted Series 3 and the first season of another British comedy series, Coupling. I have never seen Coupling so we are taking a gamble on it. We also swung by Hollywood Video and I picked up About a Boy with Hugh Grant and Serving Sara with Bruce Campbell, Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurly. Nate has seen Serving Sara before and said that it wasn’t too bad. Min and I watched a bit of Father Ted before turning in for the night.

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