March 3, 2003

My first day working out in Schenectady alone. The work is boring but I am looking forward to having some time to myself. I have plenty of things to keep myself occupied while I am here this week so I am not worried. I never did manage to get the DVD player to work so I gave up on that and left it at the house. Nate is going to hook it up in the living room so that we can watch movies while we use all of the excercise equipment. Today I am just going to take it easy. I was planning on doing a little experimenting with the wireless system at the hotel. But, it turned out that they weren’t ready to start looking at it at all so most likely I won’t be able to do anything with their high speed internet access while I am here. I will still though. So I am on dial-up again this week. Updates will be slow but I will do what I can. At least I can get up significantly later now because I have the room to myself. No more waiting for other people to get ready in the morning.

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