March 4, 2003: Happy Fat Tuesday

We are getting nine hour days now which is really cool since I have to be out of town. We are getting overtime pay for the extra five hours a week so it is basically like getting an extra day pay every week. It looks like I will only be out here for the remainder of this week or at most two days next week. I expect that there is no way that I won’t be back in Ithaca by Wednesday evening.

The hotel still didn’t have anything for me to do so I took the night off again. I skipped dinner last night and tonight. I am so tired of doing things that I am happy to just be in the room and I don’t even need to food to entertain me. I am hoping to be able to take the Linux+ exam next week while I am home and I want to get ready for that.

There is very little news to report while I am out of town. Since I am avoiding the world, there is nothing happening.

The only real news for the day is that Eric has had an offer accepted on a house that he wants to buy. He has also been preliminarily approved for the mortgage. So, he is quite close to buying a raised ranch in Livonia (a the joys of being a home owner.)

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