March 30, 2003

Min and I went to church with my parents this morning. We were supposed to go out and look at some houses right after church but I accidentally sent the keys home with my parents for our car so we weren’t able to go anywhere for a little while. Eventually dad got back with the keys to the car. Then we headed back to my parents to celebrate my very belated birthday with my family. After lunch Min and I ran back up to Geneseo and looked at the townhouse again and got some more information. We also drove around and looked at some other houses but we didn’t like any of those. So, we are hoping that the realtors get back to us tomorrow.

We headed back to my parent’s house and hung out there for a while and finished doing some laundry that we needed to do. Then we went over to Eric and Amanda’s house and visited for a little while before driving back down to Ithaca.

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