April 1, 2003

This morning I found out that I need to get to Pittsburgh tomorrow. I am getting ready today for my trip. I am going to Pittsburgh first thing tomorrow morning, leaving Ithaca between five and six in the morning. After my meeting in Pittsburgh, I am continuing on to North Canton, Ohio where I am having dinner with my aunt for her birthday which is on Thursday. I am crashing at her place. I have to go to Cleveland on Thursday afternoon for my interview.

Most of the day I spent getting stuff ready for the rest of the week. It was a nice casual day. Loopy, Min and I went to the State Street Dinner for lunch and got garbage plates again. Min had a tenth anniversary party at work so she stayed late at work. I spent a lot of the day installing Windows XP Pro on Loopy’s old Gateway 333 Celeron machine (yes, from 1999 or so.) I had a lot of problems getting Win XP to accept the network card. I did finally get it done late in the afternoon.

Speaking of computers, Loopy’s motherboard has died. He has been without a computer to himself for the last two days. Today he broke down and ordered a new high performance motherboard from Asus. He should have that in a day or two. He got a copy of Windows XP Pro today. But, of course, that won’t do him very much since his computer isn’t working.

After work, the entire house (except for Zach) went to the mall to do some dinner and do some shopping. I needed to get some clothes for this week so I went to the Bon Ton and picked some stuff up.

After going to the mall, Loopy, Min and I watched a couple of episodes of Red Dwarf. We are working our way through Series I. Min is finally getting warmed up to it. Loopy and I loved the series. I am also hunting for some stuff on eBay tonight.

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