April 11, 2003

A very busy day today. The phone rang almost continuously all day. It was a long day. I got a lot done, though. Emily, Craig and Ellie stopped by this afternoon for a visit.

Min cooked up a really good big dinner for us tonight. Loopy had a job in Victor this evening. He is working for Deutche Telekom (T-Mobile) at the mall. He is working through the night tonight. Min and I watched The Majestic finally. It is really good. Neither Min nor I thought that it had anything to do with the McCarthy Red Scare era. It is a rough movie but it is really good. We were pleasently surprised to find that Bruce Campbell stared in the movie that is shown inside of the movie. It is a hilarious 1930’s style swashbuckler style action flick. They show bits of it during The Majestic but the DVD has a ton more of the black and white film that you can watch seperately and it is much longer than the footage that is used in The Majestic. If anyone borrows this film, be sure to take the time to check out the fine work by Campbell hidden in this movie. Campbell is totally Errol Flynn.

After The Majestic, we watched About a Boy with Hugh Grant. That was a lot better (and different) than I thought that it was going to be. It has a really interesting plot. After that we were still wide awake so we watched Exit to Eden because Min has never seen it. I fell asleep a little over halfway through the movie.

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