April 12, 2003

Min and I had a very busy day today. After staying up late last night watching movies (Min actually stayed up later than I did for once.) we got up early (sort of) and drove up to Syracuse to meet Amanda and Laura for lunch. Laura went to college with Min and Amanda but has since moved to San Diego so Min hasn’t seen her in years. We sat at Denny’s for about four hours. After lunch, Min and I drove out’ to Frankfort to do some dog sitting. We didn’t end up getting out there until about 5:00pm. We didn’t expect Min’s parents to get home until at least 10:00 or maybe not until the morning. But they ended up getting in at 6:00pm so we didn’t really need to watch the dog. But it was nice to get to see Dexter anyway. He was excited to see us. After her parents got home, we watched Frequency which was really an excellent movie. I was really surprised by how good it was. We also watched some of The Man with Two Brains – but that wasn’t very good. We hit the road to head back to Ithaca around 11pm – I was pretty tired so Min drove us home.

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