April 14, 2003

This morning I managed to order Saludos Amigos from eBay so Loopy, Min and I went to the mall for lunch and I got Mulan at FYE. Now I own the entire collection. All 41 of the 41 available movies. The complete Disney Full Length Animated Feature collection. Whoo-hoo.

Well, the excitement of the morning came to an abrupt end… I got an email from Acendex in Cleveland. They have decided to withdraw the offer that they had made to me. So I am no longer going to be working in Cleveland. Needless to say, that is rather depressing. But, life goes on. It isn’t that big of a deal. I am not going to be driving to DC now until maybe next week because I was only going down now because of the rush. At least I have a little bit of time to relax now.

Min and I started watching a couple of movies but with the news, we cut it short. She is still not feeling well from the sulfites she encountered yesterday so she went to bed very early and Loopy and I watched Disney’s Robin Hood. Loopy has never seen Robin Hood before. I haven’t seen it in forever. After Robin Hood, we watched some of Father Ted Series II because Loopy still hasn’t seen all of it yet. We stayed up really late watching movies.

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