April 13, 2003

Today is an exciting day. Min and I met Josh, Joanna, Phil and Kate out at Dr. Frank’s Vinifera out on the west side of Keuka Lake and went on an eight winery tour that was a special Murder Mystery event where you go to different wineries and collect clues to solve the mystery. We didn’t make it to the last winery but we actually managed to solve it a few wineries early. The prize was a 5% discount on Keuka Lake Wine Trail wines during this summer. So, it was a lot of fun and we managed to save some money if we buy some wine this summer too. It was a good time. After going to all the wineries, we ended up in Penn Yan and had a really slow dinner at Sarassins. But it was good.

Min got a pretty bad headache from all of the wine so she went to bed really early. Loop and I stayed up and watched The New Guy which is a really silly movie but enjoyable. It was cute. Loopy went to bed after watching that but I stayed up and watch K-19 The Widowmaker. That was a really excellent war movie. I really like both Harrison Ford and Liam Nieson. It was quite a riveting movie and it is a historical subject that I know little to nothing about. So it was very interesting.

On the way home from the wine tour, Min and I stopped at the new Super Walmart in Watkins Glen and did a little shopping. I picked up two new DVDs. I got Lilo and Stitch and Casualties of War. Only two of the Disney collection left to go.

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