April 16, 2003: Happy Birthday Josh

Happy 27th Birthday to Josh!

Today my parents came down to Ithaca so that dad could work with Loopy and I on a new project that we are working on to track fire extinguishers for hospitals. We all went out to lunch at the Greek House in Collegetown for lunch.

The Surfing IT Wizard was supposed to be stopping by today so that we could work on Gordon whom he bought from us but he wasn’t able to make it today so he is planning on coming next Monday.

I have found that shopping on eBay for movies can be fun so I searched around today and I managed to find Hayley Mills in Disney’s The Moon-Spinners that I have wanted for a really long time. So I won that auction today.

Min made me watch Mulan. I haven’t seen it since it first released in 1998. I saw it at the Silver Lake Drive In. It was better than what I remembered.

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